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15 listopada 2017

Novus Scientific

The origins of Novus Scientific are firmly rooted in Uppsala, Sweden, widely acknowledged as ‘the life-science capital of Scandinavia’.

It all started as a spin-off company from Radi Medical Systems, a renowned cardiovascular medical device developer and manufacturer with several market-leading products in its portfolio. Following the sale of Radi Medical Systems to St. Jude Medical, the owners started Novus Scientific and the product TIGR® Matrix saw the light of day.

We now have a distribution network spanning the globe. Together with our specialized staff, the company possesses over 20 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing resorbable medical devices.

Novus Scientific’s headquarters are located in Uppsala Business Park, the medical technology and pharmaceuticals hub of Uppsala. The park, still known to many as the former Pharmacia headquarters, mixes start-ups with more established entities; its more than 70 companies employ over 2000 people. Several of Pharmacia’s main strategic business operations still live on under the names of their new owners, e.g. Thermo Fisher Scientific and Fresenius Kabi.